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With a vision of catering high-quality, nutritious eggs to egg lovers under one roof, OVO Farm has launched its flagship egg retail store concept, Kenko Agstra, the first exclusive egg retail store concept in the country. The unique egg store will cater to high-quality eggs such as high-protein eggs, brown eggs, and selenium-rich eggs, which are directly sourced fresh from the advanced and fully automated technology facility of OVO Farm, where not only the quality but the hygiene of the eggs are also ensured.

  • The Egg comes with:
  • 10+ Safety Checks

  • Traceability Feature

  • Freshness Guaranteed

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We provide the best farm-fresh eggs to nurture both your body and your spirit. A healthy and balanced diet is essential for living a happy and healthy life. We aspire to exceed your expectations in terms of flavour, freshness, and nutritional content by sticking to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical standards.

Expiry Date printed in Each Egg

Kenko Eggs guarantees quality and safety by including an expiry date on each egg, ensuring freshness and optimal consumption. This commitment to high standards of quality and taste prioritizes customer health and satisfaction.

Disease-Free Farm

Disease-Free Egg Farm prioritizes poultry health, well-being, and quality through advanced measures, biosecurity protocols, health screenings, and a controlled environment.

10 + Safety Checks

10+ safety checks guarantee Kenko Eggs' deliciousness and quality, ensuring customers' peace of mind with every purchase.


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