Our Performance

Kenko Agstra is committed to providing you with the best farm-fresh eggs that will nourish both your body and your spirit. A balanced diet is crucial for living a happy and healthy life. By adhering to our dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical standards, we want to exceed your expectations in terms of flavour, freshness, and nutritional content. Kenko Agstra's parent firm, OVO Farm, is a top egg producer in India, noted for its innovative, technology-driven approach to chicken rearing. With a daily output capacity of 1 million eggs, OVO Farm is the most advanced poultry operation in the country. Because of our commitment to quality and innovation, each egg meets the highest quality requirements, ensuring that our consumers obtain nutritious and healthful goods. To maintain maximum cleanliness, our eggs are carefully cleaned and UV-treated to remove any potential pathogens. Finally, our automated printing process precisely stamps each egg with important information like the best-before date. We take pride in delivering fresh, high-quality eggs that satisfy the most exacting standards.